11-year-old’s brewery to be sent to International Space Station

WASHINGTON: Cosmic brew! Astronauts aboard International Space Station will soon be seen brewing beer in space – thanks to an experiment by an 11-year-old US schoolboy.

Michal Bodzianowski’s microbrewery experiment, designed to test the effects of making beer in space, has won a trip to the ISS.

Sixth grader Bodzianowski’s experiment at STEM School and Academy in Highland Ranch, Colorodo is all set to fly to space aboard Orbital Science’s robotic Cygnus spacecraft, which is expected to launch in December this year.

The tiny brewery is set up inside a 15 centimetres tube, filled with separated hops, water, yeast and malted barley — all of the key ingredients used to make beer — and will be delivered to ISS by the commercial firm NanoRacks.

An astronauts at the space station will shake up the mixture to see how the yeast interacts with the other ingredients in the beer, ‘SPACE.com’ reported.

“I really didn’t expect this from the start. I really just designed my experiment to get a good grade in my class,” Bodzianowski told Fox affiliate in Denver KDVR.

Bodzianowski found some good reasons for wanting to investigate the way beer can be made in space – alcohol is a cheap way to purify water, so figuring out a good way to make beer in space could come handy in case of an emergency.

Some other experiments slated to fly along Bodzianowski’s microbrewery look into the developmental effects of micro-gravity on the spotted salamander, how micro-gravity changes calcium absorption in bones, crystal formation on ISS, in addition to seven others.

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