2014 Brew Ha-Ha FF Hints and Hauls thread

Here it is gents!Remember 72oz minimum of local beers and/or wants1 beer related piece of swag1 football related swagSince it took longer to fill the league, the shipping deadline is now 8/27.When you ship please send me the tracking number via BM.Let the games begin!!

Awwright someone is lucky, gonna be taking my son back to school this weekend. Oh, yeah, he goes to school in northern Vermont.

My target’s state does not have an NFL stadium. I did not say they don’t have an NFL team, exactly…

Shipping south, as far as football related swag should we guess our targets favorite team, ship swag from the local team, ship swag from our favorite team or track down some vintage Zubaz pants?

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Shipping south, as far as football related swag should we guess our targets favorite team, ship swag from the local team, ship swag from our favorite team or track down some vintage Zubaz pants?
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I love Zubaz pants!

My target is out east. Hope they like some good Iowa-made APA.

Well shit, I just realized the draft is on the same night as our anniversary dinner. I enjoy not sleeping on the couch, so it’ll have to be autodraft for me. I’ll set my rankings as best as I can, but don’t make fun of me when I accidentally draft consecutive kickers in round 3-5.

you should be fine it just picks best available the whole timemy target is in the middle of the countrychristmas time,musical instrument, 2 wordsalso not a fan of their home team lol

You can post your favorite team here

Or Anyone playing the Steelers

My target doesn’t have any wants and lives across the country…I’m putting together a box of solid local beers.I think the Ravens are fine but I mainly just root for fantasy stats, not teams.

Of my target’s wants, only one is available in my state, and very infrequently at that. I hope they like a Colorado locals box!

purple kush?
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Not sure I trust FedEx to keep me out of jail, so probably not this time.

Here’s a shocker….I’m shipping north. My target already knows a bit of what he’s getting, but at least one other bottle has a pic of some Russian leader on it!

Draft is still on for tonight correct?

i believe soI’m warning everyoneI am whacko for Flacco

Heading out to FedEx soon to ship a box somewhere within 150 miles of the Atlantic Ocean. I’ll miss you guys at the draft, got my fingers crossed that I can grab Bradford!

Yes it is the draft that is

I am shipping within my timezone

i’m pretty happy with my team i think mt standard has the best one4 of my beers i sent clock in at almost 10% some above some a lil below

I need a QB2. I’ll field any reasonable offer.

Just a reminder guys that the shipping deadline is today!!! Please send me a BM with your tracking number! I don’t want to have to lock any teams before week 1.CheersNate

someones box hits tomorrowalso one of the bottles has a heavy drug vibe with the name and labelas do a few other of the brewers beers

Box landed! Not quite sure which member it’s from. Thanks though!First beer I pulled out was the 7 month old Hopslam. I was like, WTF, then pulled the rest out and I was happy camper! Can’t wait to try The Crusher and Heady! Also got a mini Patriots bobblehead and some Alchemist swag. Poor bobblehead, he’s life just took a turn for the worse…My box went out today. It’s heading to a city on the East Coast that shares the same name as a neighboring city to Indy.

hold that overgrown up to the lightya that hopslam was a six i traded for last month sweet huhi knew she was a lil old but figured you couldn’t get it where you liveI had to trade 6 HT str8 up too because of the price of the hopslami was a little light on the swag but figured the crusher would make up for itthought an INDY fan would like that pats gear drink up

i suck at posting picssweet box came from the mile HIGH stateodell’s IPAmodus hoperandidry dock hefedrydock hop abominationupslope brown aleman beer english IPAfarmers daughter from grimm brosEPIC brewing escape to coloradoand a sweet man beer glassthanks JB

Somebody in a state with 2 teams, but no stadium received a box today.

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