9 Booze Connoisseurs You Need To Know Now

May 5, 2014 by schoolhousebooze

When we first began this journey of Alcohol Education, we had no idea where it would lead us. These past 9 months (yup, today marks our 9 month anniversary!) has been a roller coaster of booze infused fun.
Although we would love to say that we just woke up one morning and knew all there was to know about booze, it would be a pretty big lie. If it weren’t for the wonderful mentors we’ve met along the way, we’d still be stuck on post number one. Without further adieu (and in no particular order), here are the top 9 booze connoisseurs you need to know now.
Master of all things beer, Troy is the creator of Toronto Beer Week and Marketing Director of Great Lakes Brewery. His curiosity for beer first started with The Great Canadian Beer Blog. Rachel had the pleasure of learning all about beer in his Beer Appreciation Course at George Brown College.
Founder of Spearhead Brewing Company, Dimitri insists on only drinking what you truly enjoy. Aside from ensuring that serious dedication goes into every brew he produces, he’s also just a really great guy… like that one time he co-hosted our first event, Beer & Cheese, A Love Story.
The first time we met Robin, we physically chased him down. Thank goodness he stopped to listen, because now we know more than we ever thought we would about tequila (more to come on that later). Robin manages the marketing for Tromba Tequila, and is a bartender at the Toronto Temperance Society…. he’s pretty much a cocktail genius. See here, here, and here for proof.
When we met Julie, we could hardly contain our excitement. She is responsible for creating MAGIC! In 2012, Julie introduced the world to Vaportini, her very own invention that allows you to INHALE alcohol. Learn more about Vaportini here.
Have you met our brew bro Zack yet? He’s the founder of TorontoBrewing.com a one stop shop for everything you need to brew beer at home. With a background in science, he knows whats what when it comes to home brewing, in fact, he invited us over to brew our very own batch last month! Watch out for this guy, he’s going places.
More formally known as the Wine Doctor, or Dr. Wine Know, Edward knows everything there is to know about wine, and every possible food pairing too. Rachel welcomed 2014 with Thursday night classes under Edward at George Brown. With a knack for telling a good story, Edward is also a published author.
Pretty much the nicest guy we’ve ever met, David Ort is an esteemed food blogger who kicked off his career with FoodWithLegs.com. Fast forward a few years and he now has a published book, Canadian Craft Beer Cookbook, a seriously delicious read. To find out more about David, check out our interview!
Arguably the person with THE MOST energy we’ve ever met, Kevin is THE guy to follow. Some call him the Drinking Robot, others refer to him as The Thirsty Traveler, but perhaps most recognized right now for his involvement with Iron Chef America. We met Kevin at the Food And Wine Expo during his World of Drinks talk this past November. Entertaining was an understatement.

With a lot of education and great story behind their name, the boys at Schoolhouse Craft Beer are on a mission to spread the good word of beer education. These Certified Prud’hommes spend their time teaching people how to see beer through a whole new lens. They love craft beer so much that they helped kickstart Brau Haus, a private home-brew beer club. Maybe it’s their passion for pints or maybe it’s just how similar our brands are, but we can’t help but have a personal affinity for Mick, Dan and Doug. There’s more than one school in town, but it’s okay, we’ll share the playground.

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