A 91-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Becomes The Oldest Person To Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro…

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Adele Bunsenbaker climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro wearing a pair of red high heel shoes.

MILWAUKEE – The city of Milwaukee is famous for being the beer brewing capital of the United States.

And now Milwaukee can also boast that it is home to Adele Bunsenbaker who, at the age of 91, has just become the oldest individual to ever climb Mt. Kilimanjaro which is located in Tanzania.

Addie as she is known to her relatives, friends, and co-workers said that she had been training to climb 19,340 foot Big K, ever since she was 83.

The 5-foot-2-inch tall great grandmother said that she did not use the conventional standard mountain climbing boots that all mountain climbers use, but instead opted to use her Sunday best high heel shoes.

She said that she felt much more comfortable in her red high heels than she did in her bulky boots. She winked as she told reporters that the heels made her climb Kilimanjaro much faster than most mountain climbing teams climb it.

Addie started off with a partner, Emma Prudence Hoffenkelker, 84, who has been her next door neighbor for 47 years. But Emma Pru had to stop and go back down at the 320 foot mark due to the fact that both her knees started shaking uncontrollably.

Hoffenkelker was asked if it was due to the tremendously cold weather. She grinned and said no and added that it was due to her tremendously strong fear of heights.

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