A Bad Beer Thread

Originally Posted by Jason Roehl
Yeah, that’s a lot of beer, Phil. I can’t say I’m on the craft beer “scene”, but I just like good beer with lots of flavor. Most days, I’ll have a pint, occasionally 2-3, sometimes none.It’s actually pretty tough to get a beer much over about 11%, as the brewing yeast die from the alcohol unless they’re specifically bred to handle higher alcohol content. If you’re used to American lagers, even a 7% beer would likely taste “boozy” to you.Beers can be paired with food just like wine. American lagers are so neutral they go with just about anything. But if you have a strong-flavored beer, it’s going to go better with a food that is also strong-tasting, but with complementary flavors.

Okay excellent points.But Ratebeer.com’s top 50 has plenty of products above 11% (and several above 15%), and only a couple of the site’s top 50 are below 8%.7% or 8% is okay, much above that and I do start to feel like it is too “boozy” (very good word for that, now I’ll know what to tell my friends that try to give me the strong stuff).And in terms of food pairing, that is primarily when I drink beer. I’m out for dinner (steak, pizza, whatever) and I’ll get a beer, and I don’t want the meal to be about the beer. So you’re right, for me, an American lager is really ideal.The other time I’ll drink a beer is after (for example) mowing the lawn or completing a project around the home, and I want something refreshing.So maybe it is the times I’m consuming that dictate my preferences.

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