A Run, A Beer for a Year!: Day 537, Widmer Brothers Brewing

I have had a nice relaxing Saturday and did a few chores. Started off relaxing with some coffee outside with my wife in the backyard. My first chore I cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. Next up took our dog to the groomers to get her nails trimmed. She is not a big fan of getting her nails done. Then I did a little grocery shopping for the weekend. After a short recharge nap I started supper. We are having chili so I wanted to get it going before my run, so it would have some simmer time. For my run I did some interval’s, while the chili was cooking. Ran 1.25 miles in fourteen minutes, still trying to get a little faster. I then retired to the backyard for the rest of the afternoon. Had my beer for the day from Widmer Brothers Brewing. Found another seasonal from them that I have not tried. Today their Columbia Common Spring Ale. This too is a nice light ale that paired very well with my afternoon cigar. A nice light slightly citrusy flavor, very well balanced with a clean finish. Overall a good spring ale that I would drink this beer again.Cheers!

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