A Run, A Beer for a Year!: Day 545, Marin Brewing Company

This has been a productive Sunday. First off we had church this morning. Then after a nice lunch of chicken tacos. We had to work on my wife’s car, she got stopped on her way home from work on Friday. She did a rolling stop had a brake light out too. The Sheriff let her off with a warning, so today we fixed the brake light. Next up I kegged my White IPA beer recipe so we will see how that tastes at the end of the week. I am going to try my best and let it carbonate fully before sampling it. So I need to brew another beer this week as I have an open fermentor. I have one big announcement if I get my run in tomorrow it will be 78 weeks of running everyday or one and a half years. My wife wants to take me out for steak and lobster supper, who am I to turn her down. My run this afternoon was an easy 1.50 miles at an easy 5.0 mph. I am going to try and do that tomorrow for a total of 10 miles for the week. I do have a special beer picked out for tomorrow too. For tonight I found a few more beers from Marin Brewing Company, I really enjoyed their beers last year. Tonight I am drinking their E S Chi a beer brewed with Chinese herbs. I really like this a nice ale with a hint of Chi tea to me. This is a nice fresh ale with a flowery start and a nice clean finish. I may have to pick this one up again for nice lazy Saturday afternoon cigar smoking beer. Until tomorrow and my date with destiny. Cheers!

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