Advantages of all grain over extract?

This is probably a widely known answer but I am brand new to home brewing (see my thread about having an OG of 1046 on my IPA and then read how my beer is going to be like 130 Ibus) so drop some knowledge on me please.

All grain gives you much more control of the brewing process in general.Grain choices, temps, water, fermentabilty of wort, ect.I didn’t read your previous thread, but this is a great place to start.

There are great arguments for both. Personally I did not understand extract brewing at all. No ‘feel’ to it? I don’t know how to explain. Maybe less sensory feedback on how the brew is going. Built a mash tun, went grain and haven’t looked back.

Better control (and sound brewing practices) means better finished product. In my experience, the extract kits always gave me darker color than desired for the style I was brewing. This wasn’t a big deal for me, but it was noted.Also, since I live in what may be the most expensive place in the world, it’s worth noting that all-grain is cheaper than extract because you are not paying someone else to do the mashing process for you. I own a mill too, so I don’t have to pay for that service either. Cost may not be that big of a deal in the US, but it certainly is here.

All grain is really only cheaper once you sink the costs for the equipment and your time. It’ll take a few batches for this to happen.You only really have more control if you have good equipment, knowledge, and technique.There are a lot of malts/grains that you can’t properly use if brewing extract. This is why I went all-grain.I also feel like you are more engaged with the beer when you go through the mash process instead of just dumping a bunch of extract in a kettle.I would say that probably 90% of my batches are all grain now, with about 5% being cider/mead, and 5% extract since I like the ease of use every now and then when I can’t dedicate the majority of a day to a batch.

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