Advice on how to prevent scorching on the bottom of a keggle?


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I don’t think that’ll work for my situation. I’m stirring a lot and a lot of grain would fall through the bottom.

A false bottom is precisely what you need.Scorching is eliminated when the heat can move through the mash without being trapped in a small space. The liquid distance from a false bottom provides more heat dissipation than the grain.The next step is to recirculate while heating. This is a better way to move heat through the mash than stirring. It seems like your stirring isn’t moving the grain past the heat source fast enough. Besides, if you beat the crap out of the grain, you lose a lot of the gas that accumulates and keeps the grain bed from compacting.Finally, turn the heat down. A keggle is a tall, narrow cylinder. To heat quickly, you need a lot more surface area than you have. So, the only solution is to introduce heat more gently into the smaller surface area.Expanding the effective surface area to diffuse the heat energy is what HERMS and RIMS systems are all about.

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