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EUGENE, Ore. – Good news, Oregon: You’ve got a lot of America’s best beers.

And when it comes to IPAs, this is a tale of 2 small towns named “City.”

Bottom line: Top IPA-craving hop heads in the Willamette Valley can head west or east:

When you see dory boats land on the sand against a backdrop of Cape Kiwanda and the sea …

… or find a place where copies of Clint Eastwood’s youthful face from “Paint Your Wagon” perch atop popsicle sticks …


(“Oregon Loves Dreamers” just makes sense: sometimes dreams come true, and having more ups the odds)

Over on the Oregon Coast, Pacific City’s Pelican Brewing Company racked up an eponymous medal for Silverspot IPA, the second best English-Style India Pale Ale at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

(GABF: In beervanic, think “Grammys of Beer.” Or maybe Oscars … or VMAs?)

Got gold fever? Try America’s best American-Style IPA – Pallet Jack IPA – at Barley Brown’s Brew Pub on Main Street in historic Baker City, Oregon.

(Baker, Baker City – same difference, but no: not Bakersfield. And yes, Baker is out by Pendleton, if by “by” you mean 100 miles away)

For the most of us who live west of Prineville (OK, west of Post, for fastitudious Oregonizers), Oregon’s bright tank triangle of Portland, Bend and Eugene brought home Gold medals, too.

Ya cold? Hellshire III burned up top honors for Oakshire Brewing in the Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer category.

Javol? Maybe the Bohemian Pilsner from Ninkasi Brewing Co. is more your style.

If you drink gluten-free,Harvester Brewing of Portland’s IPA No. 1 owned that category.

And Bend – German Sparkle Party? Nicely played, 10 Barrel Brewing. Nicely played. Enjoy Boise!

From the Great American Beer Festival database for 2013 and Oregon:

Gold    Lovely Bend Brewing Co. Aged Beer

Bronze    Little Green Flat Tail Brewing Co., Corvallis American-Belgo-Style Ale

Bronze    Doryman’s Dark Ale Pelican Brewing Co., Pacific City American-Style Brown Ale

Bronze    Black Diamond Bend Brewing Co. American-Style Dark Lager

Gold    Pallet Jack IPA    Barley Brown’s Brew Pub    American-Style India Pale Ale

Gold    Ching Ching Bend Brewing Co.    American-Style Sour Ale

Silver    Myrtle    The Commons Brewery, American-Style Sour Ale

Gold    Shredders Wheat    Baker City Brewing Co. American-Style Wheat Beer

Gold    Bohemian Pilsner Ninkasi Brewing Co. Bohemian-Style Pilsener

Bronze    Breakside ESB    Breakside Brewery – Pub Brewery Classic English-Style Pale Ale

Silver    Silverspot IPA    Pelican Brewing Co. English-Style India Pale Ale

Silver    Don Vanuchi “The Killer” Baker City Brewing Co. Foreign-Style Stout

Bronze    Tsunami Stout    Pelican Brewing Co., Pacific City Foreign-Style Stout

Silver    Urban Farmhouse Ale The Commons Brewery, Portland French & Belgian-Style Saison

Gold    Cent’s and Censability    Old Town Brewing Co., Portland Fresh Hop Ale

Bronze    Fresh Hop Pallet Jack    Barley Brown’s Brew Pub, Baker City    Fresh Hop Ale

Silver    Tailgater Kölsch Flat Tail Brewing Co., Corvallis German-Style Kölsch

Gold    German Sparkle Party Berliner Weiss 10 Barrel Brewing Co. German-Style Sour Ale

Bronze    Passionfruit Sour    Breakside Brewery – Milwaukie Brewery    German-Style Sour Ale

Gold    Harvester Brewing IPA No. 1   Harvester Brewing Gluten-Free Beer

Silver    Gluten Free Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House Gluten-Free Beer

Bronze    Kiwanda Cream Ale    Pelican Brewing Co. Golden or Blonde Ale

Silver    Sage Fight Imperial IPA    Deschutes Brewery Bend Public House  Indigenous Beer

Gold    Hand Truck    Baker City Brewing Co.    International-Style Pale Ale

Gold    Hellshire III    Oakshire Brewing    Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer

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