@artobernash updates, week 4 of 2013

Hello again, my friends. This week is going to be somewhat of a cool down (metaphorically and literally) so you can finish off the month with a bang. That said, things get going really quickly, starting tonight.
Tonight, you really shouldn’t have any other plans besides catching Patty Griffin at The Ryman. That is all for today and today’s goals.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 22nd, not only gets you 9 (number 9) days away from Halloween, it is also a good chance for you to yet again let yourself be heard at Logue’s Black Raven Emporium. Like clockwork without orange, Honest Lewis is scheduled to host another “A Night of Free Speech.” At 2915 Gallatin Pike, from 7-11pm, you might want to get there early to sign up for FREE to share your ideas, prose, and everything you wish to share with other positive scribes and literary folks alike. There are cheap snacks and drinks but priceless feedback on tap for all those brave enough to get up and say their piece. It is a fun time had by all, and it’s a very cool tool any and every writer should try at least once.


Also on Tuesday, I have a side 2-for-Tuesday you may enjoy too. First, at 7:15pm, at the Belcourt Theater, you will have the unique chance to experience Terminator the Second on the big screen. “William Shakespeare Presents: Terminator the Second,” an instant classic, you can see the preview here- http://vimeo.com/74541958 and learn more about getting tickets before it’s sold out here- http://www.belcourt.org/events/william-shakespeare-presents-terminator-the-second.679705. You’re welcome. Second, at 9pm, at The 5 Spot, you can end your night with class by seeing the likes of Adam Hill performing with a fun favorite duo called Twain Blue. I’ll let you check it out and add descriptions later. Good stuff all around!

Skip to Wednesday, and on over to Fort Houston (500 Houston Street), and you will find another excellent edition of culture at 7pm with the 3rd part of the LES Blank series provided by Nashville
Folk + Free Skool. “Dry Wood” is showing this round, and then there will be a post-film Q + A with blues scholar and guitarist Jake Fussell of Oxford, MS. Oh, and there will be home-brewed beer by Tim Davis for a minimal cost of entrance. Help Fort Houston close this series right.

Now, skip on over Thursday, because I know you already have good plans on visiting local bookstores to buy books and support local authors and such (among other things), and land right on Friday to help support a very cool, future East Side Storytellin’ featured musician in that of Kim Logan and her vinyl release party. Kim and everyone at Palaver Records is excited to celebrate the release of her debut album on vinyl at the East-Centric Pavilion at 8pm. There will be blood-red beer from Little Harpeth Brewing, couture pieces created for Kim by German fashion designer Rachel Hesse, a short film by ATO Records videographer Joshua Shoemaker, a photo series by Don VanCleave, and the debut record being spun at the turntable. Basically, this is an all out art explosion of awesomeness. You should go … just saying.

I’ve checked on the rest of the weekend and there are plenty of concerts and good people doing great things, but as mentioned in the beginning with the cool down, at some point you might have to just sit down and chill (aside from watching AMC’s FearFest, of course) and smell the dead roses for whatever that means to you. Take a break from the plans, updates, and everything everyone is throwing your way (mE included) and just get out and enjoy this special city, time, and people surrounding you.

I hope the above helps make your day and week better. Now get out there and live it. And be nice to one another too.

much love,

Home Brewing

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