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Houston has a weird neighbor residing about 2.5 hours to the west and for the next ten days, this neighbor is going to celebrate an industry that has made great inroads in the city over the past few years. The city is, of course, our beloved Texas capital of Austin and it is ready to celebrate its explosive craft brewing industry in big and exciting ways. Here is some background information:

Event: Austin Beer Week

Location: Varied

Date and Time: October 25 through November 3, 2013

Austin Beer Week is a ten- day celebration of craft beer and all its greatness. The annual celebration is scheduled to begin with a special event at Craft Pride on Friday, October 25, 2013. Craft Pride is one of Austin’s premier craft beer superstar establishments, with 54 taps, a pair of casks, an n- house nitrogen system, and more than 100 craft beers available in bottled form. It plans a nice kickoff for Austin Beer Week including plenty of great craft beer, live entertainment, and a panel discussion.

After Craft Pride’s kickoff party event, Austin Beer Week will highlight some of the specific places, people, and beer that have placed Austin on the craft beer map and continue to draw positive attention. Events are planned throughout the city and include such craft beer landmarks as Adelbert’s Brewing, Ginger Man, Red’s Porch, Black Star, North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewpub, and many more. The celebration ends with a beer dinner featuring Real Ale beer at Lenoir Restaurant, located at 1807 South First Street.

Click here to view Austin Beer Week Calendar of Events

Austin Beer Week is now in its fourth year and this year’s event is easily the largest and most far- reaching of all. More breweries, more beer bars, more great restaurants, and a local population determined to keep Austin weird have combined to make what is shaping up to be a memorable week. It’s a great excuse for Houstonians and other Texas residents to make lodging reservations and head to the capital city for a ten- day tribute to the world’s greatest beverage.

For more information on Austin Beer Week, check the following sources and contacts:

Official site:
Twitter: @AustinBeerWeek
Hashtag: #AtxBW

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