Barrel aged Vanilla flavored recommendations?

  1. I am looking to try a few barrel aged Vanilla flavored brews. Can anyone recommend some?

    Thank you!

  2. Since you’re in New England, Jack’s Abby Vanilla Framinghammer was recently released…it’s delicious.

  3. Boulevard Rye-on-Rye is not brewed with vanilla, but the Templteon barrels give it a very nice vanilla quality to it.

    I’m not sure of BA beers that are actually brewed with vanilla–at least not ones I’ve tried. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is The Bruery’s White Chocolate, and the most recent batch (2013) had an unexpected tartness to it that I didn’t mind, but I know many find off-putting.

  4. Looking for something relatively easy to find if possible.

  5. Maine Beer Co’s Mean Old Tom should be easy for you to find, it’s delicious!

  6. I get a lot of Vanilla in Victory at Sea.

  7. Mean Old Tom is not barrel aged (to my knowledge), but it is brewed with vanilla, and it is very tasty.

    I haven’t had any luck getting any Jack’s Abbey here either, but I’m going to keep looking.

    I think the obvious recommendation would be Dark Lord BBA Vanilla Bean…..but that’s certainly not something easy to find. Sorry I don’t have anything useful to add; I’m basically in the same boat.

  8. This is not flavored with vanilla but New Holland Dragon’s Milk has a quite pleasant note of vanilla. This is largely from aging it in bourbon barrels.

  9. If you have a spare firstborn child to trade, people have extra DB Hunahpus available. Aged on Madagascar vanilla beans.

  10. It’s not barrel aged but Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter has a lot of vanilla flavor.

  11. I wish this was an easy style to find…but Its unfortunately not

  12. BLVD? :p

    Maybe look for beers that say oak aged instead of bourbon barrel aged? Or maybe consider bourbon/rye itself, Vanilla is one of the most dominant flavors for me in bourbon and rye.

    I get a lot of vanilla from Dragon’s Milk, if your heart is set on a BBA beer.

  13. Dragons Milk by New Holland

  14. If you feel like hiking it up to Yankee Spirits in Attleboro, MA, I saw a bunch of Barrel Aged Vanilla Framminghammer for sale just last night. The price is steep, $10 for a 500 ml, but if you’re willing to drop the bread, it could be just what you’re looking for.

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  15. Not sure of barrel aged, but Mean Old Tom Breckenridge Vanilla Porter Victory at Seas and Creme Brulee from Southern Tier

  16. Was going to mention this. Not barrel aged but it’s delicious. One of the best flavored “porters” I’ve ever had

  17. This is the absolute best answer to this question for someone in Connecticut. Pretty sure they still have some left if you go to the brewery in Framingham. Much longer trips have been made for beers that don’t even compare to that one. It is phenomenal. (just don’t go on a tuesday, they are closed on that day)

  18. Old dominion oak barrel has a ton of vanilla flavor.

  19. It’s not aged on vanilla but I get noticeable vanilla flavor from central waters bourbon barrel stout.

  20. agreed,topnotch stuff man.

  21. If you homebrew-
    Buy a bottle of Dragons milk, open it, insert a vanilla bean (split the vanilla bean first) – Recap it with your capper
    Wait a week, enjoy.

  22. That’s a good idea. How does the carbonation hold up?

  23. Prairie Vanilla Noir is a good 11.5% aged in oak-barrels stout. I don’t know if it’s up in New England, tho’.

  24. So-so. Sometimes I’ve seen it hold up well, other times not as well.

    Sometimes the vanilla flavor is too much, especially if you do it a little bit too long, so if you blend it back in with a bottle of regular dragons milk you can find a good balance of carbonation/vanilla flavor.

    Popped a bottle of BCS I did this with last night, had put a 1/2 vanilla bean in there for what was about a month, and it was too much vanilla for me. Still good, just more than I wanted. Carbonation level was a little lower but still fine for me as BCS is very low carb to begin with. It was very good, but would have been improved if I would have opened another bottle of regular BCS to blend with. Unfortunately I didn’t want to drink that much.

  25. Just pour some ten fidy over some vanilla ice cream

  26. I had some vanilla last weekend…while I liked it, I was disappointed in the amount of vanilla that came through. Actually, I was disappointed in the framinghammer in general — maybe I went in expecting too much?

  27. Or get a Randall Jr. and add some vanilla beans to the mix. I do it all the time to my Ten Fidy and love it!

  28. +1 on Dragon’s Milk. Year round and fantastic. Available in 22oz and 4packs

  29. I’m not sure if it’s barrel aged, but SOUTHERN TIER CREME BRULEE has an exquisite vanilla taste and smell. The smell is almost intoxicating itself.

  30. Just trade with someone from Mass to get a Vanilla Framinghammer – I know it’s not “easy” so to speak, but it’s definitely worth it and you don’t have to give up that much since it’s on a lot of shelves still.

  31. Speaking of Vanilla. Did y’all know that much of “vanilla flavoring” is actually derived from a beaver’s anus gland? Now, perhaps many beers use the bean itself instead of aformentioned rodent by-product, but does anyone have knowledge of breweries using the “extract”? Myself, I don’t have a problem w/ it. Consuming an animal’s rump roast is no worse than gnawing on their internal organs. Like an Apache, I waste none of the buffalo. Just curious.

  32. Many Mexican brands of vanilla extract actually use the bean. Very distinguishable flavor, too IMO.

  33. Firestone Walker Double Double Barrel Ale
    Barrel Aged Naked Evil
    Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti

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