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APK Name: Beer Brewing Guide
APK Full Name: Beer Brewing Simplified
APK Size: 1.97 MB
APK Version: 1.2
Upload Date: 2014-05-19
Hash: a5db931be5561294f9f3c2fb0e40678e
INFO: com-rampart-beerbrewingguide
Other Version: com-rampart-beerbrewingguide

Everything you need to know to make great homebrew beer at home. Included are:
* Step-by-step brewing and bottling instructions
* 90 Ale, Lager and mixed-style recipes
* A description of over 70 beer styles and sub-styles’
* Explanations of malt types, hop varieties and yeast strains
* An extensive troubleshooting guide
* Instructions for all-grain brewing, gluten-free brewing, kegging, and force carbonating
* List of beer brew shops located in all 50 states and the top 50 U.S. craft beer brewers
* An extensive glossary of beer-making terms.
Start making fantastic beer today!
“I bought this beer making guide last summer and I’ve used it to make some really good ales. It’s not an advanced homebrew guide, but it covers the basics pretty well.
L. Dyson
Los Angeles, CA USAتخمير البيرة مبسطة | Bier Brauen Vereinfacht | Пивоварения Упрощенный | Le Brassage De La Bière Simplifiée

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