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John Palmer and Colin Kaminski join me this week to discuss their new book “Water, A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers”.  We discuss the best water for brewing beer, mash pH, residual alkalinity, beer brewing water for extract and all grain brewers, water sources and much more.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (48:02)

  • John Palmer and Colin Kaminski, co-authors of the new book Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (Amazon Affiliate Link) join me this week to talk about water for brewing beer.  John is the author of How to Brew as well as Brewing Classic Styles. (Also Amazon affiliate links).  Colin is the brewmaster at Downtown Joe’s Brewery.
  • John explains how they both got started on a book about beer brewing water.
  • Colin discusses the sources of water including ground water and surface water.
  • John tells us what residual alkalinity is and why it is important for managing your mash pH.
  • Colin explains mash pH and talks about how it is related to residual alkalinity, the grains bill and mashing.
  • John Palmer tells us how to measure and manage the pH of the mash using acids or buffers.
  • We talk about the rare case where you may need to raise your pH and how to do that.
  • John explains why extract brewers should consider using distilled or RO water when brewing.
  • We talk about mash profiles for different beer styles and how they affect the flavor of beer.
  • John tells us how you can adjust your water profile to match a particular beer style.
  • Colin explains some of the concerns related to commercial brewing water.
  • Both guests share their closing thoughts on beer brewing water.

Thanks to John Palmer and Colin Kaminski for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!

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