Beer-flavoured pork on tap

Primal Cuts owner and butcher George Madill brewed up the idea of beer-flavoured pork when he was at the Flavour Festival in Peterborough in April.

Madill had a booth next to the Publican House Brewery booth and the two business owners started chatting about how they could work together.

Within a few months, Madill had partnered with a farmer in Douro-Dummer Township who’s raising a litter of pigs specifically for Primal Cuts under “completely natural” standards with no antibiotics or chemicals.

Madill is using mash – leftovers from the brewing process, including the grains used to make beer – from Publican House Brewery’s Square Nail Pale Ale for up to 25% of the diet for the litter of pigs.

The diet could affect the flavour of the pork products.

“I’m hoping to change the flavour profile,” Madill said Tuesday.

The first two pigs from the litter of 10 will be delivered to Primal Cuts on Friday.

Square Nail pork chops, bacon, roasts and other cuts will be available at Primal Cuts in the plaza at 550 Lansdowne St. W. by Friday afternoon or Saturday.

It’s another locally-sourced product for Primal Cuts.

The butcher shop gets most of its pork from a farm in Campbellford.

Madill said the idea for working with another local business to provide a unique product appealed to him.

“I source out the most natural products. I’m really locally focused,” he said.

Primal Cuts and Publican House Brewery are talking about holding an event in mid-November to showcase the Square Nail pig roast and the Square Nail Pale Ale at the brewery that’s on Charlotte St. at Rubidge St.

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