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What’s he doing? – Leon Halip

First thing’s first: congrats to Max Scherzer for his first career complete game last night as well as probably his second most dominant outing as a pro.
The AL Central is by far the tightest division in baseball. The Minnesota Twins are in last place, but a three game sweep of the Tigers this weekend could get them only a game behind in the standings. Since the Tigers are not allowed to sweep the Twins…ever, expect this to be a fingernail-biting, rug-pacing, beer-drinking series that will make everyone hate life.
Last season, we profiled the Brewery Vivant Big Red Coq because we’re all 12 years old. Also, it is a fantastic beer. Brewery Vivant makes several fantastic beers. This is one of them. This is the Brewery Vivant Undertaker.

The Undertaker is a Dark Ale that evokes similar styles to a nut brown, but will have a brighter hop profile that is not all that dissimilar from a stout or a porter. The Brewery Vivant brewhouse is an old funeral home where the actual brewing is done in the chapel, so naming a beer the Undertaker was all too appropriate. The coffee and chocolate malts are strong at first, but give way to a smooth, sweet molasses flavor with the earthy citrus notes that cleanse the palate. Don’t be surprised if this one knocks you over quickly, as the 6.7% ABV and 50 IBUs are quite firm. Enjoy this with a steak and a nice strong cheese.
Brewery Vivant is in Grand Rapids, MI.
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