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Tucked away near Hartwell, is a craft beer gem called Country Fresh Market on Vine.
They are not the new kid on the block at all — there is only one Donnie Wahlberg.  As a matter of fact, CFM is one of the last businesses remaining in this area from my childhood 30 years ago.
I remember going with my Grandma to get fresh produce when I was a kid.  The location has pretty much stayed the same local fresh market since the 1980′s.  Seriously though, they have kept the vintage local market vibe and that is something rarely experienced these days.
In March of 2014, the go ahead was given to expand the wine selection and create a craft beer smorgasbord.  They acquired two adjacent retail spaces to the right and went absolutely bananas with the new floor space.
After visiting hundreds of bottle shops throughout the country, it is very hard to impress me. I can honestly say, they did a great with every detail. It is organized. The beer is priced well. The selection is fantastic. The staff know what they are talking about.
Customers now have the one of the largest and most diverse build your own 6-pack selections in Cincinnati.  Single bottles are everywhere and if you really want something singled out, they will do it for you.
Most bottle shops will not do that for their customers.  They also have hundreds of bomber bottles, 750ml bottles, and limited releases that are not easy to find.  I was very excited to see some Jackie O’s bottles on the shelf.
If you are feeling the need for a growler, CFM on Vine has a spectacular tap line up with excellent prices. Bring your own growler or buy one of theirs. You cannot go wrong either way.
I was able to sample some Death and the Fat Head/Jackie O’s collaboration known as After Hours Black IPA.  The beer was cold and they have dialed down the draft lines to pour a perfect offering. If you need a growler, they are only $5.
I also noticed some great sales that blew my mind.  Dogfish Head Noble Rot and Etrusca were half off.  Where can you buy a 6 pack of Southern Tier anything for $5.99?  That is cheaper than Natty Light.  They would rather sell it for less than see it collect dust. That’s the way it should be and I have some serious respect for that.
Country Fresh Market on Vine is only 2 minutes off of Interstate 75 and worth the trip. This is a much appreciated addition to a historical business in Cincinnati.
While you are spending your pay check on beer/wine, check out the fresh market too.  I have always loved the fresh produce here and the hometown feel.  It is something we should embrace and support.
Country Fresh Market on VineTwitter:  Address: 8425 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45216Phone:(513) 821-5335

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