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Need to create great homebrewing beer recipes on the go? BeerSmith 2, the world’s top selling home brewing software, comes to Android. BeerSmith Mobile gives you all the tools to design, edit and brew your best beer from your phone or tablet. BeerSmith home brewing is tightly integrated with our recipe cloud service and desktop BeerSmith program making it easy to create recipes from your desktop computer or phone and share them transparently.Save a recipe on your desktop cloud folder and open it on your phone. In addition our BeerSmithRecipes search function puts thousands of new recipes at your fingertips. An integrated brew day timer with step by step instructions, brewing calculators and tools for converting units rounds out this great app!The ultimate app for BeerSmith users – create a recipe at your desktop cloud folder, walk our the door and edit the recipe from your phone or tablet!Features:- Ability to fully edit recipe and brew session data- Editing of ingredients including hops, grains, misc, water, and yeast- Full edit of profiles including equipment, mash profiles, aging and carbonation- Functions to scale a recipe by equipment, alter color, original gravity or bitterness- Ability to save profiles or ingredients from an existing recipe to your phone database- Search, view and select from thousands of recipes on Brewday timer for steep, mash and boil with notifications and alarms- Ability to store recipes you find locally or to your cloud account- Full integration with the desktop version of BeerSmith via your cloud folder- Any recipe you move to your desktop cloud folder can be used in the app!- Full beer style guide in app for reference- Seven calculators including: hydrometer adjust, infusions, alcohol/attenuation, mash adjust, weight/volume, refractometer and carbonation- Five unit converters: temperature, gravity, weight, volume, pressure

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Build 2.2.05- Added button to mark cloud recipes as private or shared- New tools: Boil off, dilution, adjust gravity- New advanced options page- Command to reset temporary timer/edit data under Options- Added support for whirlpool hop utilization/IBU calculations- Corrected OG estimateion for Extracts – now include trub loss in calculations- Fixed bug where style number was not showing when recipe added to cloud- Added support for non-fermentable grains such as lactose
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