Beersperiment #1 – Sixpoint Resin All Grain Clone – Part 2

Last I left you (in Part 1) of my first public Beersperiment, I had just put the fermenter down to rest, the beginning of its two week journey from sweet malt, hops, yeast and water, to tasty tasty beer. The fermenter started bubbling within an hour or so from pitching the yeast, the airlock “blooping” every couple of seconds at first, then more voraciously until at its peak it “blooped” several times a second. The yeast was feeding! It’s ALIVE!
I am trying to maintain my temperature around 20°, but this proves difficult with my current setup, having no thermostat, and choosing between leaving the heatpad on either all day, while I’m at work, or all night while I sleep. The latter seems a better option, since it’s a shorter period of time (6 hours sleep as opposed to 12 hours at work), and the fluctuations in temperature will be lessened.
I really need to get a temperature control area for my winter brewing.
Two more steps are left before bottling in a week and a half:
1. The addition of 300gm of white table sugar to help eke out as much alcohol from the yeast as possible (remember I’m aiming for around 9% for this baby). This happens at Day 4 of fermentation, after the bubbling through the airlock has subsided somewhat. Be sure to dissolve the sugar in some hot water to destroy any contaminants, then let cool before adding to the brew.
2. Dry hopping with 50gm of Cascade hops. The act of dry hopping seems to be a contentious topic. I have been told, variously by different people, that I should weigh my hops down with sanitised marbles in a bag, or throw them on top and let the bag float on the top. One thing is for sure though, that’s that I need to wait until the additional sugar I added at Day 4 has done all its work before adding my dry hops, otherwise the CO2 will destroy the lovely floral notes I am after from my hops. This will probably happen on Day 6 or Day 7.
This is the last you’ll hear about this Beersperiment until bottling day, that is, unless something goes horribly wrong. Stay tuned for Part 3 – FG testing and bottling.
The full recipe can be viewed at my Brewtoad Account.

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