BEGINNER STOVETOP BREWING (5/x) - Preparing The Grains

BEGINNER STOVETOP BREWING (5/x) – Preparing The Grains

Also show cases the Barley Crusher mill.

This is a LOW COMMITMENT method of brewing that you can brew INDOORS on your STOVE TOP! No mashing or fancy tools required! This is meant to REPLACE any of the tin can or Mr. Beer methods of brewing you might be getting sold on. BE SMART! Do NOT waste money on these kits!

Here we show you how to decipher a recipe, and what you can replace in the recipe.

Do NOT get sold on pre-packaged kits that will turn out poor beer! Do NOT get sold on promises of 'beer in 6 days!' Do NOT listen to the guy who's been brewing for 40 years and 'never had a problem' and 'it tastes great!'. Do NOT get sold on people trying to 'sell' you things or have ultimate motives.

And what ever you do, do NOT buy any Cooper's beer brewing products regardless of who you see online advertising for them. It is money down the drain. Take it from someone who got suckered in himself.

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