Bellingham, WA best brewery/beer bar? – Mombu the Cuisine Forum

Their website says the current seasonals are a dry Irish stout on
nitro, Old Bounder barleywine (woohoo!), and Dunkels Bock. Hopefully
I’ll have the stamina to try them all.

Pffft. I’m up to 3 jobs now, not for the money but for the love of my
cold-blooded friends. I’m travelling 120 miles round-trip once a week
for the 3rd job, just for a few hours work at a reptile breeding
facility. Haven’t had a day off in over 2 months. There’s still time
for beer and Usenet, though!

I avoid West Seattle, to be honest. I used to drink out there at this
horrible, horrible dive… “the Firedog”. Too many lemondrops and
videos of me & the girls on the karaoke stage. Haven’t been back to
West Seattle in oh, 7 years.

I might bend my rules, for you.

Verging on snobbery. You’re either too wealthy or too old when you’re hiring movers. 😛

I had a second recommendation for that place from one of my employees
last night… I like the kid, he’s got decent taste in beer and throws
freight as if I were cracking the whip over him. Also he calls me
“boss-lady”. I like that.

Pardon me whilst I bask in your beerness and sip this faboooo Dogfish
Head Chicory Stout. A little mild for my tastes, but I sure love the
chicory/St. John’s Wort/coffee yummies. FG!


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