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You beat me to it.

Ayinger Celebrator is the best. Hands down. I even have Ayinger Celebrator glasses made in Germany just for that beer. I also have two 1L German mugs from Germany if I want to go big. HAHA

Any German dopplebock is fantastic though. I love me some dopplebocks. Paulaner Salvator, Spaten Munich Optimator, Ayinger Celebrator, and etc.. I actually buy it in bulk (kegs) from a German bar/liquor store by where I live, otherwise it is way too expensive. Even though most dopplebocks have double alcohol content of the German-American beers (Bud light, Budwesier, Miller Lite, Coors, Old Milwaukee, and etc.) so it isn’t as high priced as it seems. But when you spend $15 for a 4 pack of Celebrator, you are like man I am going broke. LOL

Also this is not “German” in the modern sense of citizen of Communist Germany, but Gulden Drakk is an awesome Flemish (Germanic) beer made in “Belgium”.


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