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A list of all of Russian River Brewing beers from the company’s year round beers, barrel aged beers, Belgian inspired ales, along with the pub brews and limited releases. The list is to be voted on to determine what the best beer is from the Russian River Brewing company. Thirty-six beers are on the list with the list being changed depending on the voting.

The list asks the question, “What is the best beer from the Russian River Brewing company?” Each flavor has a picture next to it to help with how the bottle looks or to see if the beer is only a draft and each of the 36 beers each have their alcohol content next to them. Voters can vote for beers like Russian River Shadow of a Doubt, Russian River HopTime Harvest Ale, Russian River Pliny the Elder and many more.

The Russian River Brewing Company is a brewery and brewpub located in Santa Rosa, California. The company is award winning for the beer and brewery itself and also for individual beer awards. Most of the awards for the Russian River Brewing Company beers are from the Great America Beer Festival and the World Beer Cup.

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