Big Jamoke by Marshall Brewing Company

I follow Marshall Brewing Company on Twitter, because it is an Oklahoma beer and I went on an Oklahoma social media blitz in order to know what’s going on in my new state. They posted about their seasonal porter being available, and based on the name I had to have it.
Jamoke entered my lexicon thanks to my favorite summer (and probably all time) show Big Brother. Season 16’s cast threw that word around constantly, and for a second I thought it might be vaguely offensive in some way. Turns out, it’s not. But besides meaning a stupid person, it also apparently has origins as meaning coffee. Which is the definition used by Marshall. No, this isn’t a tribute beer to Big Brother 16. Boo.
I ended up finally trying this out after arriving at my favorite (so far) bar in Norman just slightly too early for their Monday pint night. I felt obligated to order something, especially since I was there alone and looking like a weirdo drinking solo.
 snatched from because the one I took of my beer was pretty bad.

Like a porter, it’s dark and handsome. The taste was pretty close to perfect for a porter. The coffee flavor was just right; not too overwhelming but just enough there to take note. I felt obligated to drink it fairly fast since the Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale pints started going out and the whole reason I was at this bar was to get that beer (and the glass). Next time, I would like to take it a little slower and savor it. Perhaps this calls for a purchase from Cellar to enjoy while watching Real Housewives of somewhere at home in PJs under a blanket.

beer: Big Jamoke by Marshall Brewing Company
what I was doing while drinking: reading a magazine and enjoying Pint Night
where: McNellie’s the Abner Ale House
when: a Monday evening
my untappd rating: 4.0 (I dig it)

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