Black eagle brewery

Oh you lucky dog, a new old yeast strain to play with!? I’ve wondered about the Westerham/Black Eagle connection myself.

That would be the Truman, Hanbury & Buxton Black Eagle brewery at Brick Lane, Spitalfields, right? If so, that was one of the four biggest London breweries in mid-late 1800s, and the first to hire a full-time chemist (which probably helped bring about the high reputation of their house ale yeast.)

You and I probably read the same blurb:

Do it, do it! Then you can tell us what you think of its performance.

Have you seen this Westerham brew? It’s not very specific, I realize.

Westerham Audit Ale (a 1938 Black Eagle Bitter recipe)
Westerham Brewery – Edenbridge, Kent
ABV: 6.2%
Grainbill: 90% Maris Otter, 10% Crystal Malt
Bittering hops: East Kent Goldings
Late aroma hops: East Kent Goldings
IBU: high
Colour: “tawny brown”

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