Blonde Ale – Attempt #1

The process has officially begun!  Now let me give you a little visual of our current, in-the-ghetto, set up.  In our basement, we have our children’s foosball table set up as a make-shift counter.  All of our equipment is strategically laid out on a piece of underlayment that is sitting on top.  Daniel started up the turkey fryer to steep the grains, and all of the carbon monoxide detectors in the house went off.  Talk about freaking out some kids and dogs.  Our daughter appeared at the top of the steps with a worried tone in her voice, asking if everything was alright.  Daniel opened a few outside doors and everything was cool.

We steeped our grains, poured in our extract and have been relaxing for the past 50 minutes.  From our directions, it looks as though we’ll add some hops here shortly and then relax for yet another 40 minutes.  Wow, who knew brewing beer would be so hard.

I’ll try to get some photos posted of the process.  Here is Libbo, one of our awkward dogs, enjoying the new smell of cooking wort.


Home Brewing

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