Bourbon Barrel Quad by Boulevard Brewing Company

That’s what they call it when University of Oklahoma plays Oklahoma State in any sport.
That’s so intense.
Anyway, my Nittany Lions were already done for the season so James and I watched our new hometown team, the Sooners, play football sport on the television.
Before the game, we wandered around the Campus Corner area, checking out the tailgating scene. People were drinking on the street. That’s my favorite thing to do. Places even set up little stands for you to buy beers to carry around with you if you didn’t bring your own. Heaven.
However, we didn’t participate. Instead, we opted to make some burgers at home.
With delicious meat grilled (another beautiful Norman Saturday; winter had not set in yet) and pajamas back on, we settled in for an all-American Saturday of burgers, balls, and beer. And the beer we decided to consume for this joyous occasion was Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad.

3 breweries, one pic. And yes, I used the wrong glassware. I DON’T FOLLOW THE RULES.

This Belgian dark strong ale lived up to the name strong, but somehow managed to not have the liquory boozy taste you might expect from a beer with an 11.8% ABV. It was malty and smooth with almost a light fruity aftertaste. It was fairy drinkable. An excellent beer.
After a few hours, I was reminded of that this was yes, an 11.8% beer and now it’s only 6pm and I want to go to bed. The additional Lionsheads (both regular and light) probably compounded the effects. But it was Saturday, so I had an obligation to myself and country to drink beers and sit on my couch. Success.

beer: Bourbon Barrel Quad by Boulevard Brewing Company
what I was doing while drinking: watching BEDLAM in football form
where: home
when: a Saturday afternoon
my untappd rating: 4 (better than bourbon)

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