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Thanks to Andy_chil for pointing these outMe and a couple of mates are going to buy a 50L unit and start brewing, the other 2 guys have brewed before, one kits and bottles, the other kits bottles and kegs, so that will help with some knowledge of the processBut I’m just after people who have them, from what I gather, which normal of things that costs a couple bucks, reading the internet, those that have them think they are great, those that don’t usually say they are to dear and you can do it all far cheaper, cut alot more involved in the processWe are basically hoping to make good beer cheap, from what I read, everyone is very happy with all grain brewing and it makes a good beer, but I know from drinking other people home brew, is its not as good as they think, but that is only kit form stuffSo does anyone else have one, or personally know someone who does?
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