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Home beer brewing is nothing new as its been around for years, but there is one main reason why everyone does not make their own beer and that is because it is a bit of a performance taking the process from start to finish. However, BrewBarrel changes all of that! These handy all in own kits provides the buyer with everything they are going to need in order make and enjoy their own home brewed beer, you can even design your own particular brew from around thirty thousand different flavours.

The BrewBarrel comes with everything you need to get started complete with a full step by step guide and those essential ingredients. It takes just ten minutes to get the mixture just right and now all you need to do is wait five days. Hang on, you cannot drink yet, you need to stick in the fridge for a further two days before its ready to drink! Just pull out the built in tap and pour a nice cold one for yourself. This is just to make sure that it tastes right and that is good enough the share.
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This is an amazing idea that takes all of the ideas of home brewing and turned it all upside down. This process is much easier and then there is the choice of beers, up to thirty thousand different varieties to suit all tastes. The process requires no chemicals or anything artificial and that makes the BrewBarrel even more interesting. This is a totally natural process, which is fast and produces around five litres of your own fully customised beer, making you the coolest beer maker in your house.

There are five kinds of beer to make, lager, wheat, ale, dark and the classic Oktoberfest. With three types of hops, mild, standard and austere. Nevertheless, it is the flavours that allow the home brewer to produce a truly unique style of beer, by adding a flavour or mix of flavourings you can put your stamp on your brew! If you fancy yourself a pro beer maker, then you will be pleased to know that the BrewBarrel starter kit can be pre ordered from just $65!
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