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Volkshochschule der Bundesstadt Bonn

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Once, the city of Bonn has been shaped by countless breweries which were privately owned or by the council or church. At the same time, innumerable stories, traditions and quarrels about the best beer of the region emerged and culminated in the Kölsch-Convention 1986.
Exploring Bonn’s breweries and the beer houses from the beginning of brewing traditions down to the present day is therefore a part of Bonn’s culture. Several stories for example of a landlady which was burned as a witch, of famous pub owners and tenants are as well told as the story of the barrel-beer-strike of Bonn’s gastronomes.
While taking some Kölsch samples (local beer) at selected pubs we are going to discuss the significance of Bonn’s beer culture, tackle the question if other beers are also part of the ‘local culture’ and get to know which breweries are in charge at the moment.

Meetingpoint: In front of Bonner Münster, main entrance

A registration for this particular course is only possible from the age of 16 years in accordance with the Minor Protection Law.

Kursbeginn: 15.10.2013
Kursende: 15.10.2013

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