Breweries Take Over Florida

Brewery Wednesday

We are approaching 100 operating breweries (those that produce beer on premises) in Florida, with a large cluster in the Tampa Bay area! According to Beer in Florida’s article by Gerald Walen there are 89 breweries open and operating and 27 on their way. Microbreweries’ industry is growing with NO signs slowing down.

Following in the footsteps of places like San Diego and Portland, the Tampa Bay area has become a major player in this revolution. It recently garnered the attention  of the New York Times which ranked St. Petersburg as the number 49 spot of places to visit in the world. In singling out the reason for people to visit, the Times cited that it was “thanks in part to the craft beer scene.”

As the microbrewery explosion hits the Sunshine State, so do the costs of doing hollander_12237913_8colbusiness and the accounting needs of the breweries themselves.  With the complex regulations, taxes and other financial obligations, brewers are being taken away from what they love to do most….brew quality beer! Which is where we come in.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, it is important to have a knowledgeable accountant, in particular one who knows the industry and how to maximize the breweries return on investment while adhering to all the complexities of the brewing industry.  Here, at ls and company, we have this knowledge and are excited to help

these breweries with the financial aspects of their business and let the brewers focus on what they do best, brewing the finest craft beer in the country.

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