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Jan 10, 2014, 5:00am CST

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Minnesota has half as many beer companies as Oregon but 1.4 million more residents.

Minnesota has 76 brewing companies; Oregon has 191.


Illustration: Derek Thomson | MSPBJ

Minnesota has 76 brewing companies; Oregon has 191.

At least a dozen new breweries opened in Minnesota last year. Several more are in the pipeline. The ones already here, such as Surly Brewing Co., Summit Brewing Co., Indeed Brewing Co. and Fulton Beer, are in the middle of major expansions.

If you’re wondering how much bigger the craft-beer industry can get in Minnesota, brewery owners here often say that Oregon is a good example to consider.

Oregon is now home to 153 brewing companies and 191 brewing facilities in 62 cities, according to the Oregon Brewers Guild. With roughly 75 beer companies, Minnesota has half as many as …

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