Brewtankhamun: Ancient Egyptian Beer Brewer’s Tomb Discovered in Luxor

Ancient Egyptian Brewer's Tomb Found

Beer in its many forms is one of the most popular beverages around the alcohol drinking cultures of the world. It seems that the ancient Egyptians were also big fans of beer and the finding by Japanese archeologists of the tomb of an Egyptian master brewer in Luxor seems to confirm the importance of beer in ancient Egyptian culture.

The tomb is more than 3,000 years old and is that of Khonso Em Heb, a master brewer and thought to be the head of beer production to the ancient Egyptian court of Luxor.

The tomb is said to be intricately decorated with scenes not only of court life but also everyday scenes of working and cultural life in Egypt from around 1300 BC.

Egypt’s minister of antiquities Mohammed Ibrahim said the tomb was was “one of the most important discoveries made in the city of Luxor … at the Thebes necropolis”.

Mr Ibrahim went on to say that it was hoped that that the tomb could eventually be opened up to visitors. Until further excavations were completed, the minister said that security around the site was being increased.

It is known that beer was a very important part of ancient Egyptian culture. Many different beers were brewed and workers were often payed in beer rather than money. Beer was also brewed specifically to be placed alongside the dead in their tombs to help the on their journey into the afterlife and also to please the gods.

According to legend, Osiris taught ancient Egyptians the art of brewing beer. Bread [Unlink], made from a rich yeasty dough possibly including malt, was the main ingredient of ancient Egyptian beer.

The Ancient Egypt Online website says “The bread was lightly baked and crumbled into small pieces before being strained through a sieve with water. Flavour was added in the form of dates and the mixture was fermented in a large vat and then stored in large jars.”

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