Building 8 Brewing to open by year’s end in Northampton and O’Brian TomalinFrom Masslive: George LenkerContrary to a rumor going around, Sierra Grille owner O’Brian Tomalin is not opening a new brewery in Northampton.His wife Meghan is.O’Brian Tomalin will be the operations manager–the hands-on guy, along with brewer Mike Yates–of Building 8 (BLDG8) Brewing. But as far as ownership and the business end of things, Meghan Tomalin is in charge. And for her, it’s more than just a business.”The craft beer business has always been a part of our lives. Visiting Sierra Nevada and participating in Beer Camp solidified my desire to become part of the craft beer community,” she said. “Building 8 Brewing is certainly a labor of love and we couldn’t be more excited to get this project off the ground.”Yates is an award-winning brewer who has made beer for several local breweries, most notably Amherst Brewing Co. several years ago.The brewery is the culmination of several years of work by the Tomalins. Originally, they had hoped to open a brewpub, but those plans never quite found their footing. The couple then switched gears, and when a space near their home in the Florence section of the city became available, they jumped at the idea of doing a brewery. The final paperwork was finished yesterday, allowing them to announce the venture formally. They hope to be brewing before the end of the year.Building 8 will be housed in a former factory at 320 Riverside Drive. The brewery will occupy a 3,500 square-foot section of one of the former factories. The facility will employ a 15-barrel system that is capable of producing 30 kegs each brewing session. The plan is to brew four times a month.The product will be sold in 16-ounce cans, and to that end, Building 8 is purchasing a semi-automatic canning system that does the filling and sealing of cans automatically, but leaves the feeding and grouping of cans to be done manually. The system has the capability to process 15 cans per minute.The brewery will also feature a tasting room where customers can have small samples before buying.Initially, Building 8 will brew a West Coast-style IPA, which Tomalin describes as being “hop-forward.” In the spring, the brewery hopes to add a session pale ale and then start creating seasonal brews. BLDG8 Brewing will also begin a Kickstarter campaign soon. Check out the BLDG8 Facebook page for updated information.Definitely excited to see what the Tomalins come up with. Plus I live within walking distance!

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