Burscough brewery creates landmark 500th beer

Jan 30 2014 by Sophie McCoid, Ormskirk Advertiser

BURSCOUGH brewery has named its latest creation ‘Hop 500 Gyles’ after running a competition for a member of the public to name the landmark brew.

The beer was named by Helen Fielding after she suggested it as a play on the Proclaimers song ‘500 miles’ – gyles is the industry’s name for a brew.

Andy Brocken, director of the brewery said: “Me and my business partner Mike McCombe began brewing on November 30, 2010 and we haven’t looked back. We used to brew just two days a week but now we’re a five day operation.

“We always thought the business had the potential to thrive and we’re extremely pleased that we’ve just finished brewing our 500th beer, it’s a real milestone for the company.


“We’re in quite a few pubs in the local area now and across the North West our beers sell well.

“We also supply places further afield such as Jersey and the Highlands, we even had our beer sold in the House of Commons.”

The latest brew is a golden coloured 3.9% proof hoppy beer with a smooth finish – and so far it’s going down well with those who’ve sampled it.

Andy continued: “I’m really happy that we’ve managed to gain the respect of the industry and the fact that we are permanently stocked in a number of well established pubs and bars is a real plus for me.

“We’re not just seen as a novelty guest ale, and our customer base is growing considerably.”

The brewery is still pursuing plans to relocate and expand as they are now brewing to capacity.

It was originally due to relocate in March this year but due to the excessive workload Andy has faced this hasn’t been possible.

However the re-location is now top of this year’s agenda and the brewery is pushing ahead with their expansion plans.

The brewery will breathe new life into a barn at Springwell Farm, Moss Lane as it will be transformed into a 20-barrel brewery, shop and office.

Andy said: “Moving to the new farm means that we can brew, in a day, what would normally take us three days – it is going to evolve the types of beer we are able to brew.

“We’re also hoping to create new jobs and apprenticeships as a result of the move. Currently we employ seven staff but we anticipate that we’ll need more people to work on the admin side once we’ve moved across.

“It’s a really exciting time for the brewery and I’d just like to thank everyone whose supported us.”

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