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Not satisfied with two statues, the town is planning an equally epic statue of the goddess Devi on nearby Shakti Hill. Sleeping & Eating Dungmali Heritage Resort GUESTHOUSE $$ (%9434126992;; Solophuk Rd; s 500, d 900-1500, deluxe 25004000) This friendly family-run guesthouse is an excellent option. All the rooms are spotless and fresh, and most come with a balcony and great views. The family grows its own organic vegetables and off ers bird-watching walks in 2.4 hectares of private jungle. It s 4km from town on the road to Solophuk.

Kanchen Residency HOTEL $$ (%9732072614; kanchenresidency@indiatimes. com; Tibet Rd; d back/side/front 600/900/1000) sedona campgrounds Above the dismal (unrelated) Hotel Prince, this airy discovery is spacious, light and well run. Upper front rooms have good views.

This covered market is interesting for its range of traditional Himalayan produce, including churpi (dried cheese on a string), cow skin snacks, sedona campgrounds Tibetan sedona campgrounds tsampa (ground roasted barley), dried phing noodles and circular yeast patties used for brewing chhang (millet beer).
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