Can You Legally Brew Beer at Home?

In addition, production of beer per household should not exceed 200 gallons per year if the house has more that than two adults. If the household has one adult, the production should, therefore, not exceed 100 gallons per year. Partnership except as provided in Sec. 25.207, associations or corporations are not allowed to produce beer without payment of tax for personal or family use.
If you still have questions on homebrew legality, you can use the internet to carry out research on brewing in your state or you can contact your local law offices to give you more information. Getting in touch with your County Extension Service is a great way to learn more about home brewing.

Once you start brewing beer at home, be careful to watch out for any minors in your house. This is done to prevent them from drinking beer which is not allowed by law. In case they do consume it, you can get into deep trouble with the authorities. Bottom line; produce your beer but keep it away from children.

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