Carlsberg brings the taste of France to India!

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Reinforcing its commitment to offer the highest quality of products to the consumers and retain its position as a leading innovative beer company in the country, Carlsberg India today announced the launch of Kronenbourg – its signature French super premium beer. Inspired by the heydays of the Renaissance with a 350 year French brewing heritage, Kronenbourg is the best-selling super premium beer in France and is sold in over 70 countries. Brewed with a unique blend of hops and savoured the world over, Kronenbourg has been launched in the Indian market in two variants, Kronenbourg Blanc and K1664. With this addition, Carlsberg India now boasts of a strong brand portfolio comprising Carlsberg Green, Carlsberg Elephant, Tuborg Green, Tuborg Strong, Tuborg Booster Strong, Kronenbourg Blanc, Kronenbourg 1664 and Palone 8.

Within six years of operation, Carlsberg India has witnessed significant growth and acceptance amongst Indian consumers. Last year growth of 40% has been very encouraging in this short journey. Today, Carlsberg India is the 3rd largest brewer in India. Performing well across all regions, Carlsberg India has achieved 7.8% market share YTD September 2013 (excluding Tamil Nadu). Carlsberg’s focus is on developing and strengthening the brand portfolio in India through innovation and commitment to superior quality.

Description: Description: Description: Kronenbourg-Blanc_Bottle_INT_Cap_ppt_RGB.pngThe super-premium beer segment currently a small base is expected to grow at about 35% this year. The category has seen more than 20 brands launched since 2009 and more are expected to hit the market. Description: Description: Description: Kronenbourg-1664_Bottle_INT_ppt_RBG.pngWith the launch of Kronenbourg, Carlsberg India aims to target the growing super-premium beer category and reach out to the evolved consumers who seek memorable experiences.

Commenting on the launch Mr. Subodh Marwah, Marketing Director Carlsberg India said, “Beer consumers in India are maturing and have been moving towards premium product offerings to enhance their experience. Consumers are increasingly developing a taste for international beer brands and to meet with the evolving consumption patterns, there is an upsurge in demand for superior brews and products which are in line with global benchmarks. With the launch of Kronenbourg, we mark our entry into the super-premium segment in India. Being a forerunner of quality products, Carlsberg India sees this as an opportunity which will offer a unique and a gratifying beer drinking experience to the consumers”.

He further adds, “Kronenbourg caters to an evolved consumer; social drinker, globe-trotter, the affluent, brand conscious, who appreciate finer things in life. The lager and the wheat variant made with strisselspalt which is considered the caviar of hops is sure to cheer the taste buds of the Indian consumers.”
Kronenbourg Blanc is a wheat beer known for its distinctive fresh and fruity taste. This beer is brewed with a hint of citrus, and coriander spice which gives it a sweet and unique taste.  This modernity of the beer is perfectly expressed through its iconic blue bottle. Kronenbourg 1664 on the other hand is a lager beer characterized by its fine taste. Its unique recipe:  pure water from the Vosges Mountains, the strisselspalt hop and malt from carefully selected barley, the combination of which gives Kronenbourg 1664 its warm golden colour, its fine bitterness and its floral aromas.

Kronenbourg since its creation has symbolized superiority and exquisiteness in every detail: an original recipe created by generations of brewers, first-rate raw materials, unique taste and aroma. The pursuit of excellence has led Kronenbourg 1664 to win the Gold Medal at the prestigious International Brewing Awards twice in 2004 and 2005, the only brand that has achieved this amazing honour.

In Mumbai, Kronenbourg Blanc Wheat Beer is priced at 300 and Kronenbourg 1664 Lager at 250. In the first phase of its launch Kronenbourg will be available across 14 cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Thane, Pune, Goa and Pondicherry.

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