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Brown Sugar Belgian Ale – Basic Brewing Video – July 6, 2015

James and Steve taste a Belgian style ale brewed with brown sugar, and Steve offers a challenge based on Ozark molasses.

simple home brew in a little over 11 minutes

Watch in HD partial mash beer kit for NB if you are looking for more detailed info check out my other beer brewing vids.

All-Grain Homebrew Simplified.

All-Grain Homebrew simplified. Simple 3-tier brewing system using two burners and two kettles. Simple home made mash tun from cooler. I hope this helps de-mystify the all-grain process for some people. This is my first YouTube video so I apologize for the last 15 seconds of empty credits. Thanks for watching.

Brewing TV: Surly Brewing Company (Part 2 of 2)

**** Part Two of Two ****

Part One is here:

Full Episode can be watched here:

Original Postdate: December 3, 2010

– Surly Brewing Company
– Darkness Day
– Lots of METAL!

Brewing TV has taken you inside a lot of breweries, but this one really grabs the beast by the horns. Dive headfirst into the insanity that is Surly Brewing Company with Jake, his personal photographer and his co-host, The Cobra. Join BTV as we crash the brewery on several occasions including Darkness Day 2010 and a Friday Night Tour. Hope you're ready to get Surly! View all the great products and community at Northern Brewer America's #1 Homebrew Supplier.

DIY HERMS System, Blichmann Auto Sparge

My brewing setup using converted kegs, HERMS coil, Blichmann auto sparge, chugger pumps, and a whirlpool immersion chiller.

Brewing a Spiced Beer – Holiday Cheer

Just some thoughts and tips when thinking of making a spiced beer. They can be fun to try now and then, especially around the holidays.

This is my 4th time making this classic Charlie Papazian recipe.

Beer Review # 1425 Bells Brewing Two Hearted Ale Re Review 2014

Bells Brewing Two Hearted Ale Re Review 2014
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Basic Brewing Video – Elderflower Ale and Elderberry Mead – February 24, 2010

James and Steve sample a session homebrew beer brewed with elderflowers and a commercial pyment made with elderberries.

Beer in Ancient Egypt (Ancient Art Podcast 51)

Episode 51 of the Ancient Art Podcast explores the art, culture, history, and mythology surrounding beer in Ancient Egypt. We'll look at the archaeological record to sort fact from fiction on the brewing process and dig up some modern attempts at recreating the ancient recipes for Egyptian beer. Chemical analysis of ancient beer residue paints a telling picture as funerary art and literary sources flesh out culture of some of the world's earliest brewers. Included in episode 51 are discussions of modern versus ancient brewing ingredients and techniques, Patrick McGovern's "Uncorking the Past," Dogfish Head's Ta Henket beer, the research of Delwen Samuel, the ancient "zeer pot" refrigerator (or nested pot-in-pot fridge), and the myth of the lioness goddess Sekhmet. See the footnotes at Explore more episodes, image galleries, credits, transcripts, and additional resources at Connect at and

Brewing the Rogue’s Brew – Part 1

Brewmaster and creator of the Rogue's Brew, Michael Lipton, walks us through the brewing process. Part 2 on the bottling process available here:

The entire Rogue's Brew Kit is available here: