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Dry Hopping – How To Use Hops When Home Brewing

Learn how to use dry hopping when homebrewing beer and avoid the most common mistakes

Brewing Beer the Hard Way: Fall Planting Barley and Wheat

Planting barley and wheat for making beer. Fall planting 2011. For more info on malting see my blog:

Comparing Fermenters for brewing beer

Brewing great beer depends on a number of things but lets start with what is the best & most practical to ferment your home brewed beer in?
Plastic – which type of plastic containers/drums?
Glass – pro's and con's
Stainless Steel fermenters – the best only if seamless and smooth

Brewing beer with the Small BIAC—Short Version (How to brew an American Blonde Ale)

This video provides an introduction to brewing in the BREWHA Small BIAC. It provides an overview of the BIAC system and provides a condensed step by step guide to brewing. The BIAC is a simplified stainless steel brewing method that provides full control while making brew days more enjoyable and giving easy to achieve, perfect sanitation every time.

In this video, we were brewing an American Blonde Ale.
Ingredients used:
9lb Organic US 2 row
8oz Crystal 15
1.25 oz Willamette (90 minute boil)
Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast

Pre boil volume 22L
Post boil volume 20L/5 gallon
Post boil gravity 1.048
Fermentation temperature 21C/70F

Home Brewing a Java Stout With Joe (Part 5)

This is the fifth video of a 6 video series showing you how to brew a Java Stout from the Midwest Supplies Peace Java Stout kit. In this video, we leap forward several weeks and we give the beer a little taste test. We then take the hydrometer reading for the final gravity, prepare the priming sugar solution, sanitize all the glass bottles, and start racking the beer into the bottling bucket and add the priming sugar to the swirling mixture.

Home of Shiner Beer – Spoetzel Brewery – Shiner Texas

This a great perspective of the Business and Local Folks in Shiner Texas, who believe in good beer and good business.

Home Brewing, Bottling a 1 Gallon Batch

One gallon batches are becoming increasingly more popular in America, especially considering the number of 1 gallon super combo kits we sell at The American Home Brewer. In this video we take your through an entire bottling session to show you just how easy it is to bottle your home brew. For great deals on home brew kits and supplies visit us at We offer the lowest prices in America on the supplies you use most. We even offer flat rate shipping on most of our specials. Thanks for watching!

Home Brewing a Java Stout With Joe (Part 4)

This is the fourth video of a 6 video series showing you how to brew a Java Stout from the Midwest Supplies Peace Java Stout kit. In this video, we finish up brewing the coffee and get it into the secondary fermenter (carboy) and rack the beer out of the primary fermenter with an Auto-Syphon. We then put the airlock into the rubber bung and set the carboy in its final fermenting place.

Farmington Farmhouse Ale – Basic Brewing Video – August 17, 2015

Steve shares a saison brewed with spices and Cointreau that is the small beer from a partigyle brew.

How to Brew: Pumpkin Ale

Real Simple Brewer

Host – Shane English – @shanefilm

Song – Slow Burn – Kevin Macleod (

Technical Editor – Ben Cull
from MashHacks (

Beer example: Shipyard's brewing Co: Smashed Pumpkin

Original Recipe

5 Gallon Batch

1 pound pie pumpkin in 1 inch cubes

7 pounds pale Malt
1 Maris Otter
.25 Munich

1tbsp pumpkin pie spice

1oz Fuggles 60 min

1 packet US-05 Safale


2-3 pounds of pie pumpkin
4 oz molasses (preferably blackstrap)
4 oz maple syrup (preferably Grade B)