Cheers! To a long and successful history of Molson Coors in Burton

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WHILE today Molson Coors dominates the skyline of Burton the history behind the journey is a long and interesting one.
In 1774, William Worthington began his beer brewing in the town followed three years later by William Bass.
John Molson founded the Molson brewery in 1786 and by the time Coors was set up in 1873, Bass was producing more than a million barrels of beer every year.
The Bass triangle became the UK’s first registered trademark in 1876.

By the turn of the century there were more than 30 breweries in the town with Bass and Worthington’s merging in 1926.
By 1960, after a series of mergers, Bass is recognised as the largest brewer of beer in the UK.
In 2002 Coors acquired the UK and Ireland business of Bass Brewers, before merging with Molson in 2005 making it the fifth largest brewer in the world.
The expansion of Coors continued in 2010 with the takeover of StarBev.
Currently the site in Station Street, Burton, brews some of the country’s most popular brands including the UK’s best selling beer Carling.
Across both sites in Burton up to 500,000 pints are brewed every four hours.
Molson Coors has poured in millions of pounds into the facilities in Burton.

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