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so i have lived in indiana for 4 years now and have yet to do a hardcore beer run through chicago…i would love some feedback from the locals or non locals that found particular places to be better than others..besides The Beer Temple which i plan on hitting i need 2 maybe 3 more shops to for instance which Binnys is the best as far as overall selection, etc.thanks and cheers

Here is a list of my favorite places in Chicago. I listed them in terms of my preference although everything I listed is fantastic.Not sure if you are staying the night but a frequent tour of mine with friends is – Half acre -> Bad apple/Fountainhead -> Goose island -> Binnys LP -> Piece -> Revolution -> BedFar from an optimized tour, but really fun and gets us through the city.Beer stores:

Binnys Lincoln Park – Biggest selection in Chicago and has an sweet tap room (thats never full for some reason)
West Lakeview Liquors – fantastic selection of imports and locals
South loop Binnys – not as big as LP, but fatastic selection also has a good taproom, list is just as good but space is not as nice as LP binnys
Beer Temple – Everything here is super fresh and it has a great all around selection, I just find it out of the way

Half Acre – Just taproom and store but my favorite taproom. Usually pretty chill even when crowded.
Piece Brewing – Brewpub with AMAZING pizza and great beer. Love this place.
Revolution – Taproom and Brewpub (Great food)
Solemn Oath – In napperville, but if you can get there its a cool place with good beer.
Goose Island Clybourn- Brewpub (Right next to Binnys LP) Has good food and a large taplist of GI beers.
Begyle – Has a new taproom with pretty good beer and is a few blocks from half Acre

Hopleaf – Easily my favorite place in Chicago. Fantastic beer list, both tap and bottle, and great food, especially the muscles and fries.
Piece Brewing – Brewpub with AMAZING pizza
Maria’s Packaged goods – on the south side, but has a great bar and decent bottle shop. Doesn’t have food, but immediately next door is a great pot pie place (Pleasant House Bakery) that you can order into the bar.
Bad apple – Pretty good tap list with fantastic burgers.
Jerry’s Sandwiches – Huge taplist AND sandwich list. Close to hopleaf.
Foutainhead – Close to half acre. Good tap list and good food although I am never blown away.

Other places I have yet to go to but have a great reputation
Kumas corner
Map room
Local Option

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