Clean, Green Breweries: Short’s Brewing Co.

Clean, Green Breweries: Short’s Brewing Co.

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Photo: Shorts Brewing Company.

Photo: Shorts Brewing Company.

The abundant freshwater of the Great Lakes region is increasingly used for craft beer brewing. Breweries compete for customers with an eclectic array of beers and a raft of sustainable efforts.

Some companies recycle used grain, others use recycled packaging. Some run delivery trucks on vegetable oil or harness wind and solar power. Some even donate proceeds to watershed projects. Over the next few weeks, Echo will briefly profile some of the eco-friendly brewing around the Great Lakes.

Today, we look at Short’s Brewing Co.

Location: Bellaire, Mich

Founded: 2002, by Joe Short, then 22 years old

Popular Beers: Soft Parade, Huma Lupa Licious IPA, Local’s Light Lager, Bellaire Brown Brown Ale

Green Hook: Short’s Brewing Co. has two locations – a brewpub in Bellaire, which is north of Traverse City, and a production facility in Elk Rapids. It minimizes pressure on the small town’s waste water treatment plant by diverting high strength waste water into anaerobic digestion, or biological organic decomposing. Short’s has partnered with NOVI Energy of Novi, Mich., to convert the wastewater into a bio-gas that produces renewable electricity.

“Reducing the strain on the Elk Rapids Waste Water Treatment Plant while providing organic material for clean energy generation will allow us to continue on our mission to support protection of the natural world we’re constantly inspired by in northern Michigan,” said Matt Gacioch, the brewery’s public relations, customer service and sustainability manager.

Short’s Brewing Co. is always working on improving sustainability and hopefully inspire similar efforts by others, Gacioch said.

“Clean, Green Breweries” is a series that looks at an array of environmentally friendly breweries in the Great Lakes region and their initiatives to keep their neighborhoods clean while filling their neighbors’ glasses.

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