conditioning under pressure or not?

Rick_UK wrote:Is conditioning the same as carbonation? What about ‘maturing’ – I’m confused :?

Sorry for the confusion caused.

I believe, ‘conditioning’ is the term that used to describe all the things that occur to the beer once it is racked off the yeast, typically into a vessel such as a cask. Hence the term cask conditioning. The processes do include the production and dissolving of CO2 to bring the cask into ‘condition’, but also involves the reduction of off-flavours, the production of some nice flavours and the dropping out of yeast and haze, among other things. [Cellarmanship 4th Edition, O’Neill, 2005].

I tend to use the term ‘maturation’ rather than ‘conditioning’, to help avoid the confusion. The ‘condition’ on the other hand, is a specific term used to describe the level of carbonation in a beer.

Getting back to your original question, I’ve no idea because I would usually prime or carry a few gravity points over to the cask to ensure the yeast produces plenty of condition.

If you are kegging a filtered beer (?) on the other hand, I’ve no idea if it is best to gas it up prior to letting it mature for a while or not?

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