Counting Down Denver’s Best Breweries For Colorado Craft Beer Week: Renegade…

For the kick-off of Colorado Craft Beer Week, Denver Bar Cart is counting down some of the best and most unique breweries in Denver. These are the hidden gems, the cream of the crop and definitely worth a stop in for a beer or four.

Best Breweries

Renegade Brewing Company

First up: Renegade Brewing Company.

Located in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District is Renegade Brewing Company. The “deliciously offensive” brewery, as they say, gave us a warm, fuzzy feeling when we first stumbled in one sunny day last April. Between the cool, open space with garage door windows, Spanish architecture, aroma of hops, tasty beers and the dog friendly environment, we were smitten kittens. But more than that, we were drawn to this brewery’s back story.

The Chief Beer Officer and Co-Owner Brian O’Connell was a former statistician. Thanks to a home brewing kit his wife bought during Christmas 2005, O’Connell started brewing his own beers, and let’s just say, he didn’t get the desired outcome from the first few batches. So he educated himself on craft brews, bought books, went to clubs and continued to invest and improve his brewing equipment. Finally, O’Connell and his wife Khara we’re able to open Renegade in 2011. They started distributing their beers shortly thereafter.

Apparently the statistician must’ve refined his craft and crunched the numbers just right, because between taking home 5280’s “Top of the Town” Best New Brewery, Westword’s Best Neighborhood Brewery in 2012 and with a new location going up near University of Denver called Renegade Publik House, it’s safe to say their brewery is doing pretty well.

Renegade offers their flagship brew, Ryeteous Rye and an interesting mix of nontraditional beers like their Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout and Banana Split Hefeweizen among others. Check this place out and let us know what you think.

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