Craft beer gaining popularity in the Tri-States

HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) – From local bars to major league baseball stadiums, craft beer has taken over taps all across America.The popularity is on the rise because it’s easy to make and has a variety of tastes for drinkers’ taste buds.  The Mark Twain Brewing Company in downtown Hannibal has eight different kinds of craft beer and the company is looking to expand its operation.  Just like wine, craft beer can be paired with certain foods.  Bar manager Lesley Dehner says it can add to the palette as well. “We do pair our beers with foods,” Dehner said. “They are a great compliment with each other. We have an apricot habanero wheat beer and it is made with a habanero and it is paired really well with a steak. You get the full flavor of the steak and you get the spiciness of the beer.”If you’re interested in learning more, Mark Twain Brewery also hosts meetings with the Home Brewing Association.

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