Craft beer roots in counter culture, umm, really?

Okay, let’s just set the record straight here, and maybe the old guys can chime in, and others can make points, and maybe we can put this baby to rest.American craft beer came on the scene as an inevitable alternative to American Adjunct Lagers.American Adjunct Lagers came on the scene because people in this country, and around the world, loved, and still love, to drink them. The companies that made them did fantastically well, and some bought out others. This is how we ended up with Bud Miller Coors in the 70’s/80’s as the big 3 of brewing. They conglomerated with other smaller breweries.In the mid 80’s across this country a small number of craft breweries began to brew more flavorful, small batches, mostly ales, but Sam Adams came out then as a more flavorful, all malt lager. There was no talk of corporate beer, there was no “let’s stick it to the man and drink this as protest” going on. No, it was, “wow this tastes so much better!” among small groups of folks able to get these beers.Homebrewing gained popularity in the late 80’s and it was then that craft gained more popularity. Still no fists raised against corporate America, just small and growing numbers of folks who liked better beer.We continued to grow, and sites like this one and others shepherded us into the next era where we could see ourselves, and see what was being brewed and enjoyed across the country. We grew more and more successful, until in the late 90’s/early 2000’s the “bubble” burst as we overexpanded. Still we grew into even greater popularity as more an more folks tried craft, and liked it. By 2008 we were a phenomenon.In 2009 Beer Wars came out, a propaganda film par excellence. You want to know the start of this “counter culture” mentality some folks now revel in? That movie. Here is a quote from a very recent BA thread, and you can see how effective that movie was in convincing people that their beer choice not only was for beer that tasted great, but it was a “blow against the empire””The roots of the craft beer world as we know it today are very much connected to a “counter-culture” mentality that was averse to big business (from my perspective at least). “What a load of crap. Better to have said modern successful craft beer marketing has partly been fueled by folks believing they are involved in a movement for goodness, and against evil, in the wake of a propaganda movie/advertising campaign. There was no anti BMC back in the 80’s and 90’s that I ever remember hearing about, it was just folks who liked good beer.I find it the height of irony that folks believe this holier than thou stuff about their favorite brewers, and it is pretty much completely the result of a campaign by an alliance of craft brewers to market beer.What are your memories? Am I wrong about this? How effective has the propaganda been to your attitudes about beer? What do you think about the future as craft now is going corporate?

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