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Well Thought I would update this thread. My daughter & her husband have been open for 6 months now. Things are going good. I myself don’t understand the hoopla about beer. It all tastes bitter to me but from the amount of people coming and going through the place they seem to have a following already.Welcome to Eternity Brewing!

You just have not had the right beer for you. A neighbor brought over a 6-pack 5.9% ABV Root Beer. Tasted just like a ‘Dad’s Root Beer’ with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Delicious desert beer but not something you want every day. The ‘hoopla’ is that craft beer brings flavor and choice- something the BIG beers did not. True- folks went a little crazy with all the IPAs, my first homebrew was a kit (Cooper’s Lager), the second, an IPA. Now I have an English Bitter (lawnmower beer) and a Schwarzbier on tap. I have a Pale Ale waiting to go in the kegerator.All this will change when I full-time RV, equipment goes to my SILs house for the 10-15 gallon batches. I will still make 5 gallon batches in the RV and bottle in 2 Liter soda bottles. It will stay in the basement and go in the fridge as needed.I wish folks would visit NC- with 100+ craft breweries and growing, It is amazing the variety of beers available.I was in Atlantic City last week-end and visited Tun Brewery and Restaurant. Excellent American Pale Ale and Stout and the Crab Cakes were awesome- crispy outside and flaky inside with just enough breading to hold large chunks of crab together (and they are open until 2 AM!)So, the ‘hoopla’ is part of ‘the pursuit of happiness’, as American as it gets!And much success with the family’s new enterprise! If it fails, they will move back in with you, Heh!

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