Craft Brewing in the Alaskan Wilderness: Craftwerk with 49th State Brewing Company

Facing -40°F winters and tourist-packed summers, 49th State Brewing Company has emerged as a craft beer destination in the heart of the Alaskan wilderness. Owners David McCarthy and Jason Motyka are passionate about two things: following your dreams and beer — or rather damn good beer.

Set against the backdrop of Denali National Park, 49th State Brewery offers Alaskan-inspired beers, like Prospector’s Gold, Baked Blonde Ale, and Belgian Double On Tundra, brewed with glacial water and single-use yeast. However, despite winning a Great American Beer Festival gold medal for their Smoked Märzen in 2015, you won’t find these beers on shelves in the lower 48, which is all the more reason to make the pilgrimage to the last frontier and taste these beers fresh from the source.

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