Crafting a story

I came across a really interesting article on how Apple uses a 100 year old advertising/branding technique in their adverts. Ad man Claude Hopkins was commissioned to create a series of advertisements in the early 1900s for the schlitz beer company, he started by touring their factories and noting down anything interesting about how the beer was brewed. The advertisements he created told people about how the beer was made, the little details that went in to brewing and distilling the ingredients, the craft of making your beer, it made the processes that every brewer was using seem unique to schlitz. The advrtisement worked exceptionally well, schlitz went from fifth in the market to being tied for first within only a few months, amazing! You may have seen how Apple uses this techinique when advertising their macbook range, by describing how each computer is built; the process of how a laptop is built is not unique (for the most part) to Apple, but they use Hopkins philosophy to make it seem like it is.
This philosophy fits very well for my project as I want to be able to make my clients craft seem unique their business by telling the story of  how the product is made.

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